à propos de nous

Depuis ses débuts dans les années 1990, APT Presentations a coaché et formé avec succès des orateurs internationaux et amélioré la qualité des présentations pour des centaines d’événements internationaux.

Il y a plus de 30 ans, nous avons reconnu que même si les outils assistés par ordinateur comme PowerPoint permettent à plus de personnes de créer TECHNIQUEMENT des aides visuelles, l’acte HUMAIN de présenter en souffre énormément. Les présentateurs confondent trop souvent l’outil avec ce que l’outil est censé faire. Aujourd’hui, de nombreuses présentations ne sont plus un ACTE de communication HUMAINE, mais plutôt un diaporama informatisé où les présentateurs s’appuient trop sur la technologie pour faire leur travail. Le résultat est une baisse globale de la qualité de l’art de la communication orale au public. Nous ne connaissons que trop bien le syndrome de Death By PowerPoint. C’est encore plus évident avec l’arrivée d’outils comme Webex, Skype, Zoom, Meet ou Team.

ils nous font confiance

Steve Dillingham

Founder & presidentof of APT Presentations


Steve is a high-level presentation coach who sees over 600 presentations per year.  He has over 20,000 hours of training experience and has developed extensive knowledge in the aviation industry. His engaging and unique marketing-oriented style for content organization and presentation coaching has proven successful with international firms for 30 years. Steve is best known for his capacity to simplifying communication in presentations and speakers, while boosting self-confidence among speakers.

Patrick Cossar

Managing Director of APT Prtesentations


Patrick brings concrete managerial operational experience and aeronautical expertise to coach managers faced with communication challenges linked to Change Management programs. Patrick is also a professor of Change Management and Strategy for the Masters programs in various business schools, and has over 30 years of management experience. He specializes in coaching managers in the development and communication of strategic messages with an operational goal to train managers to create motivating and mobilizing communication for their teams.

Bob Larcher

Senior Director of Executive Leadership Programs


Bob is a highly experienced international leadership development practitioner. He ran his first leadership development programme in 1986 and has accumulated around 4000 days of training, facilitating and coaching. He works with people at all organisational levels for corporate giants, start ups, charities and the public sector. He is an accredited Master Mental Toughness Trainer, an accredited Insights Personal Profile practitioner and an accredited practitioner of the UK institute for Outdoor Learning. He helps people to develop their leadership attitude, energy and awareness in order to fully incarnate their leadership capacity.

Tom Babits

Senior Engineering Consultant


Tom is a former IT engineer in the aerospace industry who shares his 40+ years of engineering and coaching with engineers for conferences, internal road shows, and technical assessments. His engineering credentials allow him to challenge and coach engineers for internal and external presentations. Tom has coached hundreds of different speakers ranging from Research & Technology, Structures, Flight Tests, and Flight Physics.

Xavier Burgat

Senior director of sales and marketing strategy


Xavier as former CEO of 2 start-ups companies will help you transmit vision and energy. He also brings his 25 years of Aeronautical industry experience, dealing with different cultures in every region of the world. Running worldwide activities for a leading company he has a wide knowledge of international business and helps you adapt your messages to your audience.  With his conference speaker experience around the world and international management experience specialized on people development he helps you create ‘’your’’ story, catch your audience’s attention using emotions making your messages more efficient and make public speaking an exciting experience. Being an aircraft private pilot, he is a human factors specialist.

Peter Lake

Senior Training Consultant


Peter is specialized in relational presence coaching where active listening and interpersonal connection are required for both large and small group presentations. He has trained engineers for over 20 years and has a vast experience in communication skills needed for professionals. Peter coaches the soft human communication skills of building eye connection and storytelling to create a more cooperative atmosphere in presentations.

Myriam Babits

Stress Management Consultant


Myriam is specialized in training and coaching managers, engineers and executives in dealing with stress management due to presentations and public speaking.  As a qualified Caycedienne sophrologist and relaxation therapist, she addresses the human factors linked to stress in public speaking to allow speakers to better cope with the anxiety related to presenting business and technical subjects to small and large audiences. Myriam allows speakers to identify and concentrate on the origins of their stress to better learn how to reduce the negative effects and envision positive outcomes for their presentation situations in front of any audience.

Nicola Scicluna

Senior Leadership Consultant


Nicola designs and delivers workshops and coaching for teams, trains in communications topics, and offers individual leadership coaching.  She is passionate about empowering women as leaders and citizens and has a large experience in working with different groups, from blue collar to upper management, including engineering and technical, finance, HR, sales and lobbyists.  

She has successfully lead international teams in an EC Erasmus+ project researching and making recommendations on ‘Applying Intercultural Competencies to Business Contexts’ and is a Certified as an Organization Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) and ICF accredited.

Eric Graër

Senior Training Consultant


Eric specializes in Speaking and Persuasive Skills, Interpersonal Communication for Trainers and Managers and Customer Relationships. He has a certification in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), has thorough command of Non Violent Communication concepts (Thomas Gordon methodology) and is well versed in the Palo Alto problem solving approach. Eric specializes in training trainers to master their capacities in efficient knowledge transmission for better participant motivation and performance.

Jack Brooks


Training Consultant

Jack’s energy and compassion makes international speakers feel confident, especially when English is not their mother tongue.  His multicultural training experience offers concrete connections to help presenters build their self-confidence when faced with formal and informal speaking situations.  He has developed speakers’ soft skills in Brussels, Barcelona, Cardiff, Toulouse, Munich and Moscow.