Our Values

The development of APT Presentations is constructed on the foundation of its values and ethics. This represents a commitment by APT Presentations to its clients and its partners to comply with laws and regulations and to respect the principles of its code of business.

We, APT Presentations and our partners, have aimed to mobilize our forces around strong values of responsiveness, innovation, reliability and integrity which guarantee our permanent commitment to excellence.

Responsiveness is essential in our customers’ world where it is necessary to obtain the best result in the fastest time.
Innovation is present in all of APT Presentations’ activities, coaching, authoring, advising and accompanying. Innovation is the fruit of continuous improvement and guarantees a successful future to all.

Reliability is essential to maintaining the existence of APT Presentations. With it, our customers succeed, without it, we fail.
Integrity focuses on leadership and setting an example for all to follow. Our customers trust us because we take responsibility for our actions and honor our commitments. We build trust through listening, being open, honest and consistent – we do what we say.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there is no such thing as a boring subject. There are only boring people!

Our philosophy works on developing self awareness and confidence in each speaker so that their engagement transmits exciting communication for the audience. We believe that all presentations should be adapted to the needs of each specific audience, and that a simple copy-paste of PowerPoint slides where one message fits all audiences, is not the right approach. All audiences are different, and in order to engage the public, the contents need to be selected according to the information needs by the audience.

Knowledge of content is not enough to communicate the content, especially in front of international audiences where knowledge and language levels are varied.

We feel that an effective presentation leadership style can be established by challenging the speaker to think about the information needs of the audience. This approach is required to develop the empathy that will engage the audience throughout the presentation.

Our Mission

The mission of APT Presentations is to provide our clients with state of the art training, coaching and multi-media tools to successfully communicate message oriented marketing and technical information to international audiences in conferences, symposia and business presentations.
As a recognized actor in the communications coaching environment, APT Presentations provides customized training and coaching programs.

Our Vision

Our ambition is to be a privileged partner for the coaching of our customers in communication skills, their continuous improvement and individualized accompaniment in the preparation of international presentations.

APT Presentations has devoted several years of hard work and consolidation to preparing a coherent response to these activities.
Our success is founded on our capacity to implement standards in communication skills, to measure the progress of our customers and to upgrade the standards and generate continuous improvement.