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APT Presentations has successfully coached and trained International Speakers and improved the quality of Presentations for hundreds of international events since its beginnings in the 1990s.
At that time, we recognized that even if computer aided tools like PowerPoint allow more people the freedom to TECHNICALLY create visual aids, that the HUMAN act of presenting suffers immensely.  Presenters too often confuse the tool with what the tool is supposed to do.  Many presentations today are no longer an ACT of HUMAN communication, but rather a computer-based slide show where presenters rely too much on technology to do their work.  The result is an overall drop in quality of art of oral communication to audiences. We are all too familiar with the Death By PowerPoint syndrome.
We aim at bringing the charisma back in speakers.
 We focus on the HUMAN side first.
We put the preparation of people before machines.
Our unique approach is based on a guided self-recognition of strong and weak points for each presenter.  We understand that multinational firms must communicate innovations to international audiences with short and memorable presentations delivered by dynamic speakers.

THREE great reasons to work with APT Presentations!

 Unique combination of individual coaching sessions and group training

 Experienced multicultural approach

Proven success worldwide


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